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Choices Stories You Play HACK Get FREE Diamonds And Keys! This is a tutorial on how YOU can get FREE DIAMONDS on Choices!! Plus, this is legit the fastest and easiest way to do it. The first couple of minutes I will be explaining how you can get FREE diamonds! There is no catch & you won’t have to download some sketchy viral apps OR go on any scam websites. I, myself, have done this months ago which will be explained to you in the video, which was how I ended up with more than a thousand of diamonds! And I gotta tell you, you will need more than a thousand of those diamonds because you’ll end up using it all up for just ONE story. But you also have to watch out cause the choices app is checking if you are altering some data and will prevent you from getting more diamonds. And you get the rush feeling of excitement pumping your veins of getting hundreds and thousands of diamonds for FREE in a matter of a DAY!!! Well, you can get it all in a day or half a day, depends how dedicated you are. Remember a thousand diamonds will last through one or two stories of the game so unless you want to save it then it’ll last longer, but why save diamonds it’ll be boring, you’ll end up choosing boring options which will make you regret it and then you’ll have to start the whole chapter again. Trust me, cause I know. I love these games but ain’t gonna waste my money on diamonds, i ain’t made of money, but I am made up of creativity hehe. SO GUYS, LISTEN TO WHAT I GOT A SAY, CAUSE YOU’LL LEARN A THING OR TWO FROM ME.

How to get Unlimited Diamonds in CHOICES Stories You play
March 2018


This will not work buying clothing from the close, and no keys.

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Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool Click HERE