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Productivity and Mindset

Kajabi Sign

Tiny Habits

Jordan B.

Preview (0:00)
1. Be Coachable (06:06)
2. Feel It (13:06)
3. Kill Anxiety (26:46)
4. Relationships Are Everything (51:26)
– Bonus Tip #1 (01:06:24)
5. Work on What Is Most Important (01:09:17)
– Bonus Tip #2 (01:30:02)
– Bonus Tip #3 (01:32:37)
6. Be Kind to Your Self (01:36:56)
7. Schedule Your Dream Life (01:39:02)
8. You Have To Try A Lot (01:40:53)
9. Plan And Review (01:43:13)
10. Nothing Is Holding You Back
From Living Your Dream (01:48:08)

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Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool Click HERE