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In this video I’ll share some powerful PowerPoint tips that can really make a difference for you. We’ll add an interactive element to a PowerPoint presentation with Action Buttons. These are built-in shapes that can perform an action like running an app or an audio clip. But you can also use them like a hyperlink to jump to a specific slide in your presentation.

I’ll then show you how you can compress the pictures in your PowerPoint to reduce the size of your PowerPoint presentation. We’ll also cover how we can use a feature in PowerPoint to quickly remove the background of an image. Next up is the selection pane in PowerPoint which can be very useful when you have slides with a lot of shapes on top of another. Finally, I’ll show you how you can use PowerPoint to record your PC screen, either record your full screen with PowerPoint or just an area of your screen. We’ll also cover how to edit your video in PowerPoint, including cropping and trimming and even how to export your video as an MP4 file.

You can apply these PowerPoint tips and tricks in business presentations. It’s also great for students and teachers.

00:00 PowerPoint Tips For Success
00:46 How to Use Action Buttons in PowerPoint
03:53 Compress Pictures to Reduce Size in PowerPoint
05:27 Remove Background of Image in PowerPoint
06:34 How to Use the Selection Pane in PowerPoint
08:19 How to Record Your Screen in PowerPoint
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