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Episode 38 | Your business won’t survive in 2021 without this Guest Trevor Turnbull


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Your business won’t survive in 2021 without this!

In this episode of ‘The Construction Big Breakfast’ we have special guest Trevor Turnbull, LinkedIn marketing guru, and Invennt’s Communications Consultant, Sarah Hall, both joining host, Tip-Top Tim Fitch, to discuss how to strengthen your brand and continue networking to excel your business in 2021’s lockdown climate. You won’t want to miss the valuable techniques shared in this episode!

To connect with Trevor and download his free LinkedIn Linchpin Method, visit –

Hosted by Invennt.

How To Skyrim



In this video I show you the only real way to play Skyrim. The only proper way, by exploiting the systems and playing it the way Bethesda allows you to play it. Welcome to the worldwide Bethesda Quality Assurance department fellas and gals. (It’s parody, calm down weirdos)

Scheming Weasel (faster version) by Kevin MacLeod
Pixelland by Kevin MacLeod
investigations by Kevin Macleod
breaktime by Kevin Macleod
easy-lemon by Kevin Macleod
Screen Saver by Kevin Macleod
Clash Defiant by Kevin Macleod

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5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond


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There are tons of digital marketing skills that are relevant for the future. In this video, we will focus on the ones that are in demand – plus our favourite resources to master the 5 digital marketing skills in 2020 & beyond!



– Getting Started with the Top Digital Skills | Where to Learn


If you’re looking to futureproof your career, these skills will help you.

So let’s dive right into it.

The first skill you need is Digital Psychology.

As marketers, we tend to have the habit of focusing on what users are doing through analytics. Sometimes though, we forget to ask why they do it.

That’s what digital psychology is all about!

The second skill to learn is Customer Experience (or CX for short),

Marketers in the digital age must shift their mindset from selling products to selling experiences and managing that experience at every single touchpoint.

Wait, but isn’t that UX?

Not entirely. While UX focuses on the experience between the user and a product, CX looks at all the interactions between a user and a brand.

This means that every area of your business will impact CX.

So having a solid understanding of your customer’s experience is not enough. Hyper-personalisation is key to delivering a highly relevant experience to the user.

The third tip you need is Front-end Code.

Yes, for sure we can get away with not knowing code with the abundance of “coding-free” tools and solutions.

But front-end code is excellent for things like making bespoke changes to landing pages built with builders or having a better understanding of how things like tracking codes work.

Coding schools are abundant but have a look at some of our favourites in the resource link!

The fourth skill you need to learn is Video Marketing.

Video marketing is great for increasing social engagement, building authority and converting and increasing sales.

To stay on top of your digital marketing game, you really should gain a strong understanding of how to effectively utilise video. Check out Paolo’s (our Head of Video) clip on the principles of applying video across your marketing funnel.

The fifth skill that you need to learn is Digital Analytics.

We talked about the why of customer behaviour earlier and the importance of digital psychology, but digital analytics is about what.

And you need to understand both!

It helps you make more effective data-driven decisions and make predictions on when and where your prospects might appear in their buying journeys.

There you have it!

Five digital skills you should look to master to stay at the top of your digital marketing game in 2020 and beyond.

Would love to hear your thought in the comments below! Remember, you can access a list of all the resources we mentioned plus some bonus ones around Growth Marketing by following the link in the description above!


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Best viewed in 1080HD. In this interview Ian Fennelly talks about mixing watercolour on the page, about the benefits of a limited palette, about how to hold a paint brush and more.
To sign up to Ian’s online workshop, Urban Sketching Sunflower Edition, visit

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Mr. Love Queen’s Choice Hack Best Cheat for iOS and Android In 2021


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LiQWYD – Morning Dew (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.

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Ashley Stahl How To Adapt & Design Your Dream Career


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What do you really want to do with your life?

Too many of us settle for dead-end jobs and careers that aren’t even close to what we actually want.

So even if you lost your job or you’re in between gigs, as so many of us are these days, now is a great time to get clear on where you’re going and what you actually want to do with your life.

So today we’re here with Ashley Stahl, an American national security and counterterrorism professional, turned entrepreneur, podcaster, career coach and author of the newly released book “You Turn.”

If you’re looking to land your dream job or start a career you love, this show is for you. We’re chatting about…

• How to stay adaptable when everything changes
• Tips on overcoming self-limiting beliefs 
• Discovering the truth about who you are and what your gifts are
• Designing your dream career
• Nurturing an atmosphere of support and respect
• And tons more…

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In the second episode of How to Homelab, I talk more about the things I’m running in my own setup, and some of the considerations for what to run. In the next video, I’ll begin covering individual topics in greater detail, but I wanted to go over some basics one last time before then.

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TJP #89 Sooze Ranks digital amps Making Healthy choices


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Listen here….

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Dave turns his hacking attention to the Atomi Smart String lights from Costco and Amazon. He breaks out the ‘scope to figure out how to hijack the color signal and replace it with his own, creating cool visuals set to music.

Atomi Smart Lights on
[24 Foot]
[36 Foot]
[48 Foot]

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