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Looking to become a freelance web developer or web agency owner in 2020?

Here’s the truth about starting as a freelance web developer, presented as a set of steps for you to follow.

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These tips come from Aleksander Vitkin, who has 9 years of experience on Upwork and has taught 700+ entrepreneurs how to succeed on Upwork and build an online agency.

Getting jobs on Upwork is a great way to start as a freelancer or agency owner.

Aleksander Vitkin has traveled to over 45 countries, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and scale their business and is the founder of

After 6 years of building his successful consulting business, he was asked to be a business mentor by some of his clients. In 2020, he founded Daily Business Hustle, which is now known as

He’s an online educator who teaches marketing, business models, sales and other valuable skills for entrepreneurs. is known for its hundreds of success stories and case studies, it’s a platform for results-driven business growth. That means we focus on learning real skills that allow members to build a legitimate business.

You should be aware that following Aleksander Vitkin and on social media, joining any programs or learning any skills, does not guarantee you get any results in business. In fact, you are likely to get no results what-so-ever.

You are advised to take all the content as opinion and entertainment only.

Most people who watch business advice, don’t take any action. Most people who enroll in programs, don’t take the programs very seriously. Most people are not likely to get results with anything they learn in any of these videos or programs. We do our best to share what has worked for others, but this is in no way a guarantee that it will work for you.

You are 100% responsible for your own results, your own ability to learn, implement and succeed in business and in life.

Starting or growing any business is inherently risky, it requires a huge amount of work and time. Please do not watch anything on this youtube channel if you are not willing to accept these facts. Also please do not sign up to any program organized by or Aleksander Vitkin if you are not willing to accept these facts.

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Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool Click HERE