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Choices, a perfect game, Yes there is a way to get Free keys and diamonds in Choices

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Choices, a perfect game, I love this game but….I really love choices, in my opinion, it’s the best game I’ve ever played! One thing though is that in the chapters of a book there are always choices and your choices cost diamonds. So say for example in the last book I was playing the choice I wanted cost 20 diamonds then the next choice within the chapter cost 30. I’m not asking for each choice to be one diamond but I feel as though if there are going to be multiple choices with the chapter why make them cost so much.

Considering that many people are low on diamonds I think it would be nice to make them at a reasonable price. Especially when there is more than two diamond required choices with the chapter.

I also know you can buy diamonds in the store of the game but not everyone is able to do that. I just feel as though there should be some way to gain more diamonds being low on diamonds and not being able to pick the choice that cost diamonds (in some books)drastically affects many things within the chapter and book its self. For me, it makes it harder to enjoy the book and the game it’s self because I’m limited to what I can and can’t choose because of the lack of diamonds I have.

Maybe there could be a daily spin if you open the app every day or a way you could watch as many ads as you want and revive two diamonds and a key maybe something along the lines of that. Besides that, I love the game choices the stories are very enjoyable and feel like something outside of reality!
We all are in search of diamonds because of the crazy prices they have

I can’t afford to spend 60 $ for every book, That’s why I searched and found free ways to get diamonds and keys so I won’t spend more $ for Choices

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