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Do you want to use Instagram for your business but don’t know where to start?
You’re worried because you’ve never used Instagram before?

In this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know, from understanding how the Instagram app works to creating an efficient Instagram content strategy and understand the performance of your content.
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Here is the breakdown of what you will learn today.
Jump to any of the sections by clicking on the appropriate

Chapter n#1 How the Instagram interface works (2:11)

Chapter n#2 How to set up an Instagram business profile (4:15)

Chapter n#3 How to optimise your Instagram business profile (6:00)

Chapter n#4 How to Create an Instagram content strategy (8:41)
Part A) Coming up with content ideas (8:41)
Part B) Spy on your competitors (13:24)

Chapter n#5 How to build a recognisable brand for your business (16:27)

Chapter n#6 How to post photos and videos to reach visitors (18:21)
Part A) Write engaging captions (18:21)
Part B) Add hashtags to your posts (20:25)
Part C) Geo tag your post (26:23)

Chapter n#7 How to create Instagram stories (27:22)

Chapter n#8 How to Analyse your performance (29:25)


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