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These are the Top 5 Video Editors for Chromebook that you can use online in your web browser. In the past we’ve shown you the best video editing programs that you can install on your computer. Many of you that hate downloading software or use Chromebooks have requested that we do a video on browser-based video editors. In this video, I will show you the 5 best online video editors that we’ve used going over the pros and cons. In testing we found that web-based video editors do lack many of the features found in video editing software, but just might have the tools you need if you’re doing simple edits.

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Top 5 Best FREE Video Editing Software

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software (Overall)

0:38 The Best (Our Favorite Free Online Video Editor)
2:13 Easily Create Social Videos
2:58 Video Editor Plus Converter and Compressor
3:46 Video and Slideshow Maker
5:01 Video Creation Made Easy
5:53 Bonus Site

Adobe Spark




Online Video Cutter




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