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Choices is a series of choose your own adventure novels, and they’ve got a little bit for everyone. There’s The Freshman, which is the story of a young woman (whom you design yourself. Mine was a lovely redhead named Spudbutt) attempting to find love and friendship in her first year of college. The Crown and the Flame is a fantasy setting where you see the story of a young princess building up an army after a coup wipes out her kingdom, and Most Wanted, a murder mystery series following celebrity detective Dave Reyes. All three of the stories have pretty similar mechanics. The choices you make will have an impact of the game. You can make certain characters like you more, hate you, the clothes you wear can affect how people see you, and certain decisions will increase an overall stat that will allow you to make more important decisions down the road.

The writing is fairly solid on all three titles, even if some of the characters feel a little flat at times. The visual presentation is nice, and the background music often adds a good ambience as you read.

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