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Choices Stories You Play Mod 2.7.0 – VIP, Unlimited Keys, Free Premium Choices(Android)

-Free Premium Choices
-Free Clothes
-VIP(unlimited keys)

You will become a member of several stories that are intertwined into one fascinating story with many unexpected twists.
The choice that decides the fate of people, so in this game everything will depend on your choice.
You have to play not one character, as it happens in games of this direction, but several at once, you will help them build relationships, fall in love, leave, look for work and solve everyday affairs.
In choices stories you play mod you can Live many lives at once with free keys, free diamonds and help all these people find their place in a vast world. However, this world is not quite ordinary, because there is a place for horror stories that will take on a very real appearance and even the magic of which you can endow your heroes with the right choice.
Create unique characters and decide how they live their lives.
You can build strong and reliable relationships, raise a family and find a good job, or you can arrange daily parties and find yourself several lovers and mistresses. Live every day as you want.
Dress your character, find him or her an exciting job, solve various tasks and get paid for it, spend them on various purchases and enjoy a real virtual life.

Choices Stories You Play Mod 2.7.0 – VIP, Unlimited Keys, Free Premium Choices(Android)

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Little info about the game —

Everyone has a life of their own, and apparently each incident. They all contribute to a complete story. Each person’s actions and decisions are different and will lead to an unpredictable future. Nowadays, there are many game makers who understand this exciting and varied game and have launched many products that simulate a person’s life. Everything expresses the complexity of life and the choices that affect the future of the individual.

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Installation Steps :

if you already have account in the game and want to keep the data. Please go to game settings πŸ‘‰ Account Settings πŸ‘‰ and Connect your game to your Facebook account.

Now follow the steps given below ::

➑️ Uninstall the original game if you already have installed it.

➑️ Uninstall the Facebook app if you have already installed it.

➑️ Go to the Mod link from Description box.

➑️ Download the mod game and go to the Download folder.

➑️ Follow me to install the game completely.

➑️ Now open the game.

➑️ *Connect to your backup Facebook account if you have any.

➑️ Booom!! Enjoy the hacked game.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀟

**You don’t have enough diamonds and pass. But whatever you have you can’t finsh them off! πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ‘Œ


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