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Book 1, Chapter 5


Ok so this is a reupload of my old Most Wanted videos. Emphasis on old. This was the first choices story that I’ve ever played and hence, the videos are poorly edited (bec at the time I was a n00b), but I tried to fix them as much as I can.

Please read the following FAQ’s before you comment:

– “You have X diamonds but you can still make the choice?!”
All my playthroughs are chapter replays. I don’t pay for the options because I’ve already paid for them when I first played.

– “Why is the UI different?”
This was recorded when the game came out (Ver 1.00). At the time, the UI used to look different.

– “Why is the music looping?”
My recorder at the time couldn’t record internal audio so I extracted the music files from the game and looped them. If that bothers you, you can turn the sound off.

– “Why are you not choosing X LI” or “Why are you choosing all LI’s?” or “Your MC is a slut lol”
Just like you, I have a preference. As for why making her sleep with everyone, well.. the purpose of my channel is to show premium choices. This includes all the choices regarding love interest. If you call my MC slut, I will delete your comment.

– “why the long FAQ? what happened?”
In the past, I’ve had a lot of people accuse me of cheating, hacking, being a “gay” lover, and making “sucky” choices. If you comment on my video asking me about diamonds, calling my female characters “sluts” for sleeping with multiple LI’s, or accuse me of cheating, I will delete your comment. I meant for my channel to be a safe place for everyone but most importantly, I meant for it to be a safe place for me.

– “Why does your MC change skin tone between chapters”
When the freshman was first released, both Hispanic and Black faces had lighter skin tones compared to the version we have now. I was in the middle of recording the series when the update was released.

Aside from that, have fun watching!

Choices by Pixelberry:

Support the devs by playing their game!

CMDR Vika Avey.

Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool Click HERE