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MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED INTO FACEBOOK BEFORE CONTINUING TO PREVENT LOSING YOUR GAME PROGRESS! Being connected with Facebook allows your gameplay to be stored and when you change devices or re-install the app, it’ll re-download your previous save file.

If you still have  Stories You Playdownloaded from the Google Play Store or from anywhere else, uninstall it first.

Download the APK file and run it.

If your device does not allow you to download APK files from the internet, then you need to enable the installation of applications from unknown sources in your mobile security settings.

Once the APK is installed, run the application and log into Facebook again when prompted on startup, or through the settings. Your gamesave should automatically download again from where you left off before you uninstalled the application previously.

Play any story, when a choice comes up that requires diamonds, click it. Even if you don’t have enough it will still work, if you have enough to make the choice, you won’t lose any diamonds.

 This patch does grant you free diamond choices, however keep in mind going into the closet of any story manually and attempting to purchase any clothing will not be free! The only time you can get clothing free is when it is prompted within the story. Hairstyles are also not free! You need to use your actual diamonds that you gain. Additionally, any choices that show up within the ‘texting interface’ are also not free. This cannot be patched – sorry.

Help, my save file wasn’t downloaded!
If you are not prompted to log into Facebook or your save is not downloaded when you login with Google Play, uninstall and reinstall the APK file again!

Hey, it doesn’t work!
Certain devices react differently to the patch, Choices introduced a new license authentication method in the 2.0 update, if the patch doesn’t work for you and you’re losing diamonds on diamond choices, uninstall the patched APK, go and start the download of the actual application from the Google Play Store. When the download starts, cancel it and re-install the patched apk. This should resolve the issue.


If you cannot install the APK file after having uninstalled the original APK from the Play Store, try install the play store version FIRST, and then run the modded .apk to apply an update.

If you are having trouble with the application closing constantly or not starting, go into Settings = Apps = Choices and Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Problems with the application not connecting to Facebook are sometimes temporary, try again in a few hours. If the issue persists, try reinstall the application.

If you cannot run the APK file or download it, ensure you have allowed the installation of ‘unknown sources’ within security settings.

If you are seeing “Invalid Key Hash” when attempting to connect to Facebook, watch this video for assistance.

The issue you’re experiencing may also be an issue specific to the game itself rather than this patch, if this is the case then get in touch with Pixelberry Support for further assistance and remember, don’t mention that you’re using a modified version of the game, since it isn’t allowed.

Does this work with keys?
Keys are stored on the server side, therefore they cannot be manipulated or adjusted, making them unmoddable.

What about hairstyles?
The same applies with hairstyles as with wardrobe dresses, they are only free if the story prompts you to buy them. Purchasing them from the wardrobe or at the beginning of a story will cost diamonds

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Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool Click HERE