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Corset Talk (23.01.2021.)

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00:00 Greetings
02:20 Main sewing machine still in the repair shop
04:40 Free ribbon corset pattern ROSE

05:40 My sewing space!

06:55 New sewing machine made possible by YOU! My YouTube viewers!!!!
Machine I’ve ordered – Jack A6f

08:30 Finished 1886 Chemise pattern
Will be available on Patreon soon as a Learn tier perk

10:25 New pattern tutorial coming soon – Turning underbust to midbust corset pattern
Early access here

15:20 Washing corset videos!

16:30 Red corset in the back ground – Free underbust corset pattern Sonya

18:20 Stays. Will I make some?
Patterns of Fashion 5: The content, cut, construction and context of bodies, stays, hoops and rumps c.1595-1795

20:30 No live next Saturday (30.01.2021.)
23:00 Is one layer of coutil enough for a plus size tightlacing corset?

Lapel flower brocade coutil

26:20 WEAK corset construction! DOn’t do this!
30:40 Where I’m from?
33:45 How to fix faded fabric color?
37:40 Covering a worn corset with new fabric
Tutorial : Make a simple affordable corset mockup

38:50 How to make corsets using pleather Or Faux leather?
Free overbust corset pattern Sylvia

Temporary fabric glue

54:45 Beginner corset making video tutorial

56:05 Is it possible to add more boning to an OTR corset?

59:00 Covering boning channels with fancy fashion fabric
01:01:45 Waist reduction on Petit sizes

01:05:00 Adding decorative faux boning channels
01:07:45 Good mannequins for corsets

1:10:55 How much boning is enough?
1:18:35 My current waist size
1:23:40 Alternatives to corset busk?
1:29:50 Best boning to use in corsets
1:32:00 Online corset making classes by me
1:34:30 Why I love heavy duty industrial zop ties for corset boning?
1:36:25 How many fabric layers to cut to make a study corset?
Making a corset bunny suit (Budget material corset construction)

1:42:05 Can thick zip ties be used as corset boning?
1:45:40 Corset swim wear

1:50:40 Cording in corsets

1:55:50 Is combining a corset pattern with a skirt or pants a good idea?

1:58:55 Corsets and scoliosis, will back lacing interact with the metal in my back?

2:05:15 Goodbye!

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