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Our mindset is such a powerful tool that will help us overcome obstacles or become our downfall. 

I reunited with the exceptional learning expert, Jim Kwik, a great friend and previous guest for today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience. 

I invited him back on the podcast to talk about mindset, an important factor that everyone needs to strengthen – especially NOW! Jim shared so many valuable steps to overcome procrastination, build our motivation and help our loved ones during this crazy time.

We also talk about strengthening our focus muscles, how to bring clarity, and giving joy to every activity we do. 

Jim also shares the origin story behind writing his first book, Limitless, and provides a sneak peek of the invaluable lessons within it. He also talks about how learning is the skill that everyone needs to have during the 21st century and how to master it!

If you know someone who has been struggling during this tumultuous time or you’re finding it hard to maintain focus while in your home, I highly recommend you listen to this episode to find the energy and purpose to be limitless! And then share it with a friend who needs to hear it, too!


For the majority of my life, I’ve been passionate and dedicated about changing lives by giving away the very best strategies, tactics, and mindset techniques to help you and your business succeed. Join me as we take this to level 10!


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Enjoy this in-depth guide to playing Blitzcrank support in season 10!
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ABOUT What’s up guys my name Trevor but most people know me as Nasteey. In the real world I’m just a 21 year old college graduate trying to make it in the world. Online I’m a challenger player, support main, and content creator trying to grow in the League of Legends community on Twitch and YouTube. I provide in-depth advice including champion guides, key tips and tricks, and coaching just to name a few. I upload on a fairly inconsistent schedule but I try my hardest to pump out content through it all. With that being said, I would like to briefly thank each and every single one of you for your patience and continued support. It means the world to me.


0:00 – 0:36 Intro
0:37 – 3:04 Abilities
3:05 – 3:28 Skill Order
3:29 – 5:38 Runes
5:39 – 7:00 Build Path
7:01 – 8:15 Match Ups
8:16 – 9:18 Early Game
9:19 – 10:02 Roaming
10:03 – 10:56 Late Game
10:57 – 11:40 Outro


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