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After 24 workshops and mini-events, 1000+ attendees, and 24 hours of hacking… that’s a wrap on nwHacks 2021! Check out the demos from the Top 5 hacks (out of 197!) and find out who the winning teams are at nwHacks 2021.

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The future is ours to create. On January 9-10, 1000+ tech creators worldwide reunited in our digital world to rebuild the future at the largest hackathon in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more

Hey there! πŸ‘‹ We’re nwPlus, a student-run tech club based at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. We’re the community behind some of the largest hackathons in the Pacific Northwest, empowering thousands of hackers worldwide!

Our annual trio of hackathons
+ nwHacks, Western Canada’s largest 24-hour hackathon
+ HackCamp (prev. UBC Local Hack Day), North America’s largest beginner-oriented hackathon
+ cmd-f, British Columbia’s largest all-women* hackathon

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This webinar was conducted with Gibson Biddle, the former VP of Product at Netflix, on behalf of Product Collective — a community for product people. The Q&A and polling features referenced in this video were specifically for those attending live, but this recording allows you to learn insights on Product Strategy that Gib Shared, including understanding the tools, models, and frameworks that help product leaders to do the most critical part of their to communicate an inspired vision of the future.

In this highly session, Gib introduces his step-by-step approach to defining a product strategy. Then he showed how strategy informs Netflix product decisions with a modern-day, COVID-19 Should Netflix roll out a β€œNetflix Party” feature, enabling members around the world to watch the same movie at the same time?

Participate in a small-group, live, interactive virtual workshop with Gib

Learn more about Gib at

Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool Click HERE