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What if you had insight into your life’s story and the storyline?

Like, you actually knew the plot line!

And, you knew your part as the starring role?

Let’s continue our journey and exploration around how you can live your life in full HD color.

That is live your life in HIGH-DEFINITION!

Your Human Design has the key …

Today, I’m going to be digging into more juicy secrets that are hidden within YOUR unique energetic SOUL blueprint and human design.

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As we explore and invite more SOULfood and SOULplay into our experiences, we can collectively begin to raise the frequency and vibration of love in our work, in our communities, and in our lives!

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As we begin to emerge from a year apart, human connection is more important than ever. Storytelling is one way to connect to each other and our deepest selves. Join us for a night of storytelling about hope, renewal and light. The show will be held in conjunction with the “Les Colombes” exhibit at the Cathedral — an uplifting display of 2,000 folded paper doves, inscribed with messages and prayers, flying through the Cathedral’s nave.

*Please note that the Cathedral does not generate closed captioning. YouTube closed captioning does not support Spanish translation. You can turn off closed captioning by clicking the appropriate button on the video*

*Portions of this service have been pre-recorded.*

If you appreciate the ways the Cathedral serves this nation, you can show your support at

You can learn more about the ministries of Washington National Cathedral at We are a house of prayer for all people, envisioned as a great church for national purposes, and even coronavirus can’t stop that.

Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool Click HERE