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πŸ‘‰ – Facebook Advertising Breakthrough for Real Estate Investors [MUST SEE]
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Are Facebook Ads really dead? Can we no longer use them for lead generation?

Here’s the problem. Facebook has made it almost impossible to advertise to your intended audience because it changed the way you can target motivated sellers.

For real estate investors (not digital marketers!), this can get super confusing. But here’s the good news. I have a solution for you!

If you want to learn about how to use Facebook Ads as a lead generation tool and level up your real estate investing game, then you’re not going to want to miss this…

In this video, I’m joined by Cris Chico (the godfather of virtual wholesaling), and he’ll be sharing EXACTLY how you can make Facebook Ads work for your real estate business!

00:00 – Why don’t real estate investors make use of Facebook Ads?
01:41 – What are the Facebook Advertising Secrets?
05:50 – What comprises virtual wholesaling?
07:16 – How do real estate investors pick a market?
14:34 – What is the problem with nationwide marketing?
15:58 – Why should you use Facebook for nationwide marketing?
18:40 – How to get started with advertising on Facebook!
34:06 – How do you pick the best leads?
43:49 – What are the steps to follow after you’ve come to an agreement with the buyer?
45:42 – How do you find buyers? Wholesalers
48:58 – How do you find buyers? Real Estate Agents
51:11 – How do you find buyers? Cash Buy Groups
53:28 – Why is it important to be transparent with your buyers?
55:17 – How do you find Title Companies?
59:02 – What happens if you can’t find a buyer?
1:00:45 – What is the FlipAnywhere Academy and how can it help you?

Check out this Facebook Advertising Breakthrough for Real Estate Investors!

My name is Matt Theriault. When aspiring, frustrated investors are stuck in the proverbial β€œrat race,” they come to me.

I help these people create passive income through creative real estate investing strategies so their money works harder for them than they do for it, resulting in ultimate financial independence and freedom.

Whenever you’re ready, here are some ways I can help…

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Hi friends! This week’s video is a podcast interview. I was on The Mayank Show and we discussed Freelancing, iOS development, Career choices, and a lot more.

Mayank Gupta

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Career History
4:50 How to take tough career change decisions
9:50 What is freelancing
12:20 How to start a career as a freelancer
14:38 Tips to get your first client
20:50 Communication with customers
23:26 How not to deal with a client
23:50 Tips to connect with similar community people
26:04 Twitter & Instagram growth hacks
29:35 Growth on Youtube
34:33 Time management
36:55 How to stick to a plan – prioritization
41:30 Is switching careers at any age a wrong thing to do?
43:00 Find you’re WHY?
44:50 FAANG is overrated?
48:30 Invest in your self and tools
50:20 Goal/Progress tracking techniques
54:54 Book recommendations & How does reading help you in building a strong mindset
59:08 Advice to 18 yrs old version of Aivars
1:02:37 Outro

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