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Grandpas Stole 0 Million And Almost Got Away Except...

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Who were the old men who performed the biggest bank heist in British history?








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tinder phone verification hackIN THIS POST-TINDER world, your profile picture is everything. The world swipes right (acceptance!) or swipes left (rejection!) based solely on what your photo looks like. Not what you look like. What your photo looks like. So, when hunting for dates and other forms of conjugation, you better get that photo right. Your future could hinge on whether you choose the pic where you’re hugging the labradoodle or the one where you’re hiking through the woods.**But now, you needn’t sweat this issue quite so much. Today, Tinder introduced a tool it calls Smart Photos. You upload five or six photos into the popular dating app, and through a combination of machine learning and what’s called multi-armed bandit testing, it decides which photos will likely appeal to which people. And it will automatically serve up what it thinks is the right one. In preliminary user testing, the company says, the tool led to a 12 percent uptick in matches. “Users have a lot of photos to express themselves but each one resonates with the person looking at it in a different way,” says Tinder CEO Sean Rad. “Even though you think the photo you pick as the primary photo is your best one, a lot of the time it isn’t.”**The tool is part of an ever-growing movement towards a form of machine learning called deep neural networks—systems that can learn tasks by analyzing vast amounts of data. This technique helps recognize faces and objects in photos posted to Facebook. It helps identify commands spoken into smartphones. And it’s beginning to reinvent machine translation and natural language understanding—not to mention online hookups. But Tinder is also playing into another enormous online trend: A/B testing and other similar ways of testing Internet content on the Internet itself, with real live users. The result is a far more precise way of getting a swipe right.An offhand lyric to Drake, a swipe right, and a Facebook post – last month, we brought you the story of how a tinder profile resulted in alleged rape threats, alleged online abuse and sparked a defiant online movement against sexual violence.**Today, the women behind Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced have announced that the person who allegedly abused them online is being charged – and is due to appear in local court this Thursday.**In a media statement, the group says, “The person who allegedly made explicit rape threats to the core members of Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced has been charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.”**”We would like to make a point that this person will now be going through the NSW court system.”**ICYMI – how the story unfolded**1. Tinder screenshot posted on Facebook**23 year old Sydney woman Olivia found out her Tinder profile—which carried the tagline “type of girl that will suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you”—had been shared on a stranger’s (a guy called Chris) Facebook page.**The tagline was taken from the Nicki Minaj and Drake’s song Only. Because, you know… Olivia is a Drake fan.**Skip YouTube VideoFireFox NVDA users – To access the following content, press ‘M’ to enter the iFrame.*Ever wonder which of your five or six dating app pictures is best? You probably assume it’s the one you have as your main pic, but now on Tinder, you’ll never have to second-guess yourself or crowdsource all your friends on whether you should go with the selfie where the lighting is just right or the one where you’re laughing after your first parasailing excursion (Hint: go with that one) ever again.**On Thursday, Tinder launched Smart Photos to prove they’re the only ones who can really help you make the right photo choice. With the brand new feature, the photo first seen by other users will automatically alternate based on how it’s performing on the app — so your most-swiped one will be first. During testing for Smart Photos, users saw up to a 12 percent increase in matches.**”We developed Smart Photos because users were constantly asking us how to best improve their Tinder profiles,” Tinder’s Sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino, tells Bustle. “There are a number of things people can do to increase their chances of success in being right-swiped, such as smiling or facing forward. We knew Smart Photos would help our users by showing them which of their photos performed well and, ultimately, allow them to put their best face forward.”**Think you know which pic will be most popular? “Given that people tend to be most critical of themselves, users may be surprised by which photos perform best,” Carbino says. “These biases are largely based u Subscribe and More Hack:

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