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This is a speech I gave from the 7 Figure Contractor Mastermind hosted by Lee Haight.

In the presentation, I go over the exact strategies we have used to generate the following

272 Inbound Calls

PPC- AdWords + Bing
Residential -118 Web Leads πŸ’°
Commercial- 23 Web Leads πŸ’°

Facebook Property Survey Leads 203 πŸ’°
Facebook Lead Ads 40 πŸ’°
Facebook Lead Ads with an Address 129 πŸ’°

Total= 785 Leads πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

This webinar, held on March 26th, was hosted by EU TEG members Nathan Fabian (PRI), Helena ViΓ±es Fiestas (BNP Paribas AM) and Sean Kidney (CBI).

In our series debut, a conversation on the
– Who will be affected by the new EU Taxonomy?
– What are the implications for investment in electricity, transport, buildings, etc?
– Is it wishful thinking or is it practical?
– Can the Taxonomy serve as the framework for post-virus stimulus packages?

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