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Kotlin 1.4 release overview and vision for the future from the Kotlin team!
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00:09:41 – 00:37:48 – Opening Keynote by Kotlin Team
00:51:03 – 01:06:39 – Contributing to Kotlin by Egor Tolstoy, Product Manager in Kotlin
01:06:40 – 01:15:44 – Q&A with Egor Tolstoy on Contributing to Kotlin
01:16:25 – 01:36:30 – New Language Features in Kotlin 1.4 by Svetlana Isakova, Developer Advocate in Kotlin
01:36:35 – 01:44:53 – Q&A with Svetlana Isakova and Stanislav Erokhin on New Language Features in Kotlin 1.4
01:45:26 – 02:08:35 – Kotlin 1.4 in IntelliJ-based Boosting Quality and Performance by Anton Yalyshev, Product Manager in IntelliJ Kotlin plugin
02:08:39 – 02:15:25 – Q&A with Anton Yalyshev on Kotln 1.4 in IntelliJ-based IDEs
02:15:50 – 02:56:14 – A Look Into the Future by Roman Elizarov, Team Lead in Kotlin Language Research
02:56:20 – 03:39:50 – Q&A for Day 1

During production of our recorded presentations we followed all applicable public health and safety recommendations to protect our staff from possible transmission of COVID-19.

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Speaker(s): RenΓ© Mayrhofer and Xiaowen Xin


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