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Time Stamp for video :
00.0 : Introduction and requirements
02.24 : Java facts and scope , job (salary)
07.50 : Java for everyone
11.48 : Java Setup
18.35 : Inside Java
34.33 : Coding (lets code)
56.54 : Data Types (primitive)
01.28.34 : Data Types (reference)
01.50.51 : Strings , comments
02.06.08 : Naming conventions
02.18.31 : Important ( operators , precedence , associativity , types)
02.50.02 : Math class
02.55.53 : Scanner (inputs)
03.02.27 : conditions (if , elseif ,if)
03.21.41 : Switch Statements
03.31.38 : Loops ( for loop , while loop , do while loop , for each loop)


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