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💏 Games of love for teen girls have just got a new addition in the form of a high school crush games with interesting episodes and life-changing choices that you can make yourself! 💑 Games of love for teenagers 💑 allows you to write every episode of his romantic adventures on a college campus!

💏 Living on campus is exciting and full of romance, secret love stories and fun first date – but you also have to deal with a mysterious past events, mean girls and false friends! You are obliged to participate in a drama, but it’s up to you to make your own story, love at school is as complex as a high school love story, if not even more complicated!

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💏 Who would have thought that your senior year of college starts the fireworks! You will look better than ever, and it does not go unnoticed! Coolest guy on campus has made a move on you, but it looks like your best friend is in it. Also there is a new teacher at her school, and it’s super secret and very good looking. But you’ve really got off to a good start .. How will this “interactive love story” unfold? Who will win over your heart? Romance is in the air, but so is the drama!
💘 💋 💟 💞 💌 💄👠 💛 🌷 🎀 💜 💗 💞 💘 💋 💟 💌 👫

💑 Games of love for teenagers 💑 open the door into the secret life of college students with drama, intrigue and mysterious stories! You are the author of this interactive visual novel, so carefully choose your moves.

💏 Choose your own desire for adventure – an episode of your love story will have different results depending on the choices you make!

👄 It’s a new year of high school, and it’s the last one! Be the heroine of her own story of college life and choose their destiny in dramatic romance games for teenage girls! College games with relations and cute boys bring a level of drama and excitement to a whole new level – Once you start playing “game story with,” you become completely immersed in the interactive virtual love story! Forbidden love is both dangerous and exciting, but if the courage to take this step and start a relationship with a guy of your dreams? College games you freedom to create your own love story!

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